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QuickLogger Training Center
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QuickLogger Fitness is a program to make it simple to track workouts of all kinds. Simple and quick to log.

QuickLogger makes it easy when you don't have time to setup heart rate monitors or other electronics just to workout.

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Welcome to QuickLogger

QuickLogger Fitness tracks your exercise program letting you know exactly where you are at. It keeps track of your activities, calories burned, intensity, in a simple format for easy review. It does have features that are helpful if you happen to have your device with you during your workout. However, if you are anything like me, you forgot it or left it in the car. Later on, you can easily enter some basic data about your workout.

Here is a basic guide to get started.

The first step is to select 4 main activities that you like to do. For me, that is Mountain Biking, Weight lifting, Cycling, and Swimming. You can change them through by clicking the MENU button and selecting the Settings menu. If you have an activity outside of these four, you can always hit the 'Other Activity' button and make a log entry for it or even change the basic 4 activities any time you would like.

Once you have a few logs, the 'Show Log' button will display a list of activities. Each activity has some basic information. If you click on an activity, it will show a few more details and a calorie history chart for the past 30 days specifically for that activity.

QuickLogger features are expanding all the time so be sure to update regularly as they get rolled out. Also, feel free to send feedback so I can improve the program.

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